Music Programs For Seniors


Music is a universal language. It transcends all human boundaries – including age! It’s really never too early or too late to join music programs for seniors. For senior citizens especially, learning music can be a particularly enriching and rewarding activity with many benefits above and beyond just learning how to play an instrument. Musical learning has a wide variety of emotional and physical benefits, some of which include maintaining positive emotional well-being, cognitive health and fine motor skills. We could talk about it all day, but we’d rather show you with our music programs for seniors!

88Keys Music School offers music programs for seniors living in or near Richmond Hill, Ontario in both group and individual settings. Whether you choose private or group lessons, our experienced instructors will guide you through various musical activities to help develop your musicality in fun and engaging ways.

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 Why Join Our Music Programs For Seniors?

  • Music programs for seniors benefit both mental and physical health
  • They help to maintain an active social life
  • Learning new skills increases self-esteem and confidence
  • Professional & mature music instructors with experience teaching senior citizens
  • New programs starting frequently
  • All programs are in convenient 10-session packages

Conveniently located on York Region near the border of Richmond Hill and Markham

What To Expect From A Group Program?

  • 10 week modules
  • 60 minute weekly classes
  • Limited to 11 students per class
  • Engaging and supportive instructors
  • Variety of music styles ranging from calypso, classical, reggae, traditional music and more
  • Instrument play
  • Sight reading / playing

Which Program Is Right For Me?

The program you choose ultimately depends on your goals for your musical journey! Though all of our music programs for seniors focus on similar learning objectives, there are some differences between group and individual lessons that you will need to think about before choosing which path you would like to take. Our group programs present a unique opportunity for students to have a more social music learning experience. Students in group classes will have the added advantage of learning to play ensemble pieces with their classmates, something that just isn’t possible in an individual lesson setting. Private instruction will allow students to have a more individualized learning plan, letting them move at their own pace and focus more on the technicalities of playing. The choice is up to you – but if you need help deciding, you’re always welcome to contact us.

Individual Program Options

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