Showcase your school or facility with a new and exciting music program!

Let us bring the Kindermusik fun to you! Kindermusik@School, presented by Kindermusik International, is much more than a simple sing-along music class. Our early childhood music program is designed to support the development of a child from birth through school age. With a multi sensory learning experience that includes instrument play and multicultural focus, children have fun while they learn!

Kindermusik@School works in all types of learning environments, from small groups to large classrooms:

  • Early Head Start/Head Start
  • Childcare Centers and Preschools
  • Parents as Teachers (PAT) and Other Home-Based Programs
  • Public Schools
  • Private Schools
  • International Schools
  • ELL or ESL Programs
  • Before and After School Programs
  • Summer Schools and Camps
  • Community-Based Centres (Libraries, YMCAs, etc.)

Our “music class in a box” delivers everything teachers need to implement Kindermusik@School in their classrooms. To conduct an Kindermusik@School lesson, the classroom teacher simply plays the appropriate lesson CD. On the CD, a licensed Kindermusik Educator leads both classroom teacher and children through a series of music-and-movement activities. The classroom teacher is free to participate, observe and guide the children, facilitate the lesson, and record notes about each child’s progress.

Instrument play is a key part of the Kindermusik@School experience. Each level of curriculum includes real musical instruments – enough for every child, every lesson. Our high-quality instruments and manipulatives are specially designed for young hands and tested to the highest international standards, providing multisensory learning that integrates across multiple learning domains and styles.

Kindermusik@School extends the learning environment from the classroom into the home – and even on-the-go – with our home materials. These materials engage families and provide parents a real way to be involved in their children’s educations.

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