Music Lessons for seniors in Richmond Hill, Markham, and York Region Ontario

Music Lessons for seniors in Richmond Hill, Markham, and York Region Ontario



Music is a universal language. It transcends all human boundaries, including age. For senior citizens especially, learning how to play a musical instrument can enrich life greatly. For seniors living in or near Markham and Richmond Hill, Ontario, we have music classes designed especially for music lessons for seniors offered at the East Beaver Creek studios of 88keys. Our staff are highly qualified and experienced instructors who are aware of all the benefits of learning a musical instrument for senior citizens.

Advantages of Music Lessons for Seniors

Many seniors feel a void in their life after retiring and becoming more home bound. They have more spare time on their hands, and fewer activities to keep them busy. Some are alone, with limited family contact because families toady are incredibly busy with many obligations and little time. Learning a musical instrument can give seniors a purpose, get them socializing again, and they can have fun doing it.  Music lessons for seniors can enrich their lives in countless ways and there are numerous medical benefits as well.

Medical Benefits of Music Lessons for Seniors

  • helps slow down or stop the onset of dementia
  • improves hand-eye coordination by reading the notes and playing them with their fingers
  • stimulates electrical activity in the cerebellum region of the brain
  • increases the level of HGH, feel good hormones in the body
  • sparks activity from the left side of the brain to the right
  • lessens depression and loneliness
  • improves levels of alertness and receptivity
  • increases memory
  • reduces stress

There are even reports of older seniors who have recovered from a stroke, one finger at a time, with the help of learning to play the piano. Music lessons for seniors is a fantastic way for seniors to get involved and become active in life again. While the many benefits of medical, social, and psychological improvement are very important to the family of a senior citizen, the sheer fun of it all seems to be what is rated most highly if you talk to a senior who has been taking music lessons in our Richmond Hill studios. Alive Inside: A Story of Music & Memory, a documentary advocating music therapy for dementia patients, is one of the finest examples of music therapy for dementia patients. The film documents music’s tremendous blissful properties brought to dementia patients. Family caregivers often look for activities to nurture brain-healthy events for their loved ones, and providing them with music classes gives the opportunity to learn something new, which stimulates and challenges the brain. It is never too late to learn a musical instrument. In fact, studies find that it defends the brain from memory loss issues that come with aging. When playing music, people need a high level of focus and coordination to successfully play. Music leads to a happier outlook on life. The World Health Organization published a report that estimated the number of people living with dementia exceeded 35.6 million people worldwide. Current research suggests that interactive music intervention directly stimulates the cognitive and emotional function of individuals suffering from moderate to severe dementia. Music lessons for seniors that have mild dementia may find improvements and it may even reduce the chances of a healthy senior getting it in the first place. The benefits of music lessons for seniors has not been discussed actively enough today as many families are unaware of the major benefit of music lessons for senior citizens. There are numerous reasons these lessons should be undertaken. For example, scientists have discovered that playing the piano helps keep the brain active and alert into retirement years. Learning a musical instrument promotes therapeutic benefits for senior citizens because it is a stimulating activity, and learning musical instruments creates a positive environment for socialization. When seniors have to leave their home to take the lessons, a completely new world opens fully to them, and it is a welcoming and creative environment in which they soon feel a sense of progress in their lives and a place they belong. Some other benefits of music therapy for all people include:

  • Releasing Emotions
  • Reinforced Listening Skills
  • Enhances Self-Image
  • Increased Social Skills

Our music lessons for seniors program has a slower more flexible pace that allows for a very social experience that is focused on playing music from the 1970’s and 80’s rather than classical material. Classes are limited to between 5 and 10 members. The music lessons themselves that seniors sign up for are scheduled in blocks of 10 classes and these programs are ongoing throughout the year so there is always a set of music lesson that any senior in Richmond Hill or Markham can conveniently join. All our music teachers for the senior’s music program are very experienced and mature adults with formal education degrees in music.

Located in York Region and Serving Richmond Hill and Markham

Located in York Region, on East Beaver Creek Drive near the border of Richmond Hill and Markham, our music lessons for seniors program offers world-class music lessons from talented instructors. We believe that the social underdevelopment of Ontario’s aging population can be addressed positively and creatively through our music lessons for seniors in our York Region program. Playing a musical instrument builds self-esteem, and it gives the elderly a chance to bring joy to others with their music while providing an enjoyable social experience for themselves that is often difficult for senior citizens to find. Join our Seniors Program now, or for more info on this program visit our Seniors Club Page or take advantage of our Free Tour for Seniors.

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