The Keyboard Club is a fun way to provide music lessons for adult beginners to learn more about music, keyboards and keyboard playing. This two-year Yamaha group program teaches you about fundamental playing skills and leveraging the keyboard’s technology to enrich and enjoy music experience while at home, at friend’s house, or in class.

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An International Music Education System

When you enroll in Keyboard Club music lessons for adults, expect an excellent first course of musical study. Yamaha has invested over 50 years of music education research in dozens of countries throughout the world. Through Yamaha Music Schools, more than 6 million people worldwide have been introduced to the joy of music.

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music lessons for adultsOur Teachers Are Dedicated

It takes incredible commitment and devotion to become a Yamaha-certified educator. Each one of our Yamaha group class instructors is university-trained and has gone through rigorous testing before obtaining their Yamaha certification. Further, our teachers continue training within our school to keep their program knowledge and skills at their very best. This level of dedication from our teaching staff not only ensures that every student has happy and rewarding first musical experiences, but receives a complete and well-rounded education throughout their musical journey.

Additional Course Information

Class Description
  • 10 week sessions
  • 55 minute weekly classes
  • Limited to 8 students per class
Required At Home

Students will need to have a full keyboard (88 weighted keys) or acoustic piano at home for daily practice.


What To Expect From The Class
  • Fun and supportive environment
  • Variety of musical style: calypso, reggae, traditional, classical, and more!
  • Instrument play
  • Sight reading and playing


How is Yamaha Different

The Yamaha Music Education System is a comprehensive teaching method that includes singing, ear training, music appreciation and movement. Their method of teaching encourages students to become a part of the musical community through group classes, ensembles, parents, teachers, friends and concerts. In the beginning, the keyboard is used as tool to develop a wide range of musical abilities.

Private lessons are an important part of Yamaha training; however, they are added later when the student is more mature and has developed their core musical skills.