This jazz piano program is designed to teach students to play different types of Jazz music styles on the piano, learn how to write and arrange music for Jazz band, develop improvisation skills and understand the theory behind chords construction and chords progression.


Music Styles

Students will learn about different types of piano Jazz Music styles:

Dixieland: Traditional Jazz style that originated in New Orleans back in early 1920.
Swing: Jazz style originated in 1930 with the focus on off-beat music and large bands consisting of rhythm and brass section.
Latin Jazz: A genre of Jazz that includes a mix on Afro-Cuban and Brazilian dance music such as Salsa, Bossa Nova and Samba
Jazz Fusion: The music style created in 1960 that combines the concept of Jazz harmony with Rock, Funk, Rhythm and Blues
Smooth Jazz: The Jazz style that was developed in 1980 that combines Jazz harmony with soft pop music and R&B

Jazz Theory

Students enrolled in Jazz program will learn the theory of chord construction and chord progression, including major and minor scales as part of the chord structure foundation,. Students will also cover major and minor third chords, as well as harmonic progression using 9th, 11th, 13th intervals and quarto chords. Jazz chord notation will also be covered.  


Jazz Improvisation and Music Arrangement

Students will be introduced to the art of improvisation. Improvisation is one of the most important concepts in Jazz performance. Students will learn to create their own melodic solo lines on the spot. They will also develop solid understanding of how to incorporate their own solo lines in Jazz tunes using chord progression. students will develop in-depth knowledge of how to write and arrange music for a rhythm section including arrangements for the whole band (Piano, Bass, Guitar and Brass section). Students will learn to analyze music score for band and write a notation for drums and other band instruments.


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  • Individual 45 or 60min Lessons
  • Students at RCM Level 4 and up
  • Monthly Ensemble Group
  • Adult Learners