It’s time to take your beautiful singing voice from the shower to the stage! 88 Keys offers individual voice lessons for anyone from pre-teens to adults. Whether you are looking for classical training or to sing your favourite pop songs for fun, our teachers will provide you with a positive learning experience that will help you feel confident and bring out the best in your voice.

Why Choose Voice Lessons?

  • VOCAL HEALTH: Like the guitar or piano, your voice is an instrument that needs care and attention. Voice lessons will teach you about singing and how to care for your voice like you would any other instrument. Your teacher will show you how to produce a better sound without harming your vocal chords.
  • INDIVIDUALITY: Your voice is a very unique instrument – nobody has the same singing voice as you do! Singing lessons will allow you to create and develop your own unique sound.
  • SELF-CONFIDENCE: After you find your own unique sound, it will be time to show it off! Singing in front of an audience takes a lot of courage, but with the guidance and support from your teacher you will have the skill and confidence to perform in no time.

The Benefits Of Taking Voice Lessons

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: When we are accountable to someone, we are far more likely to stay on track. Fun and engaging weekly lessons help to keep students motivated while learning.
  • FEEDBACK: Having someone look at the details, like posture and breathing technique, is invaluable. With a teacher’s guidance, students will learn faster and understand the reasons why they should practice proper technique.
  • STRUCTURE: For many students it is hard to know where to start. A good teacher will provide the structure, especially in the early stages. Learn from a professional and let them show you how they do what they do.
  • INSPIRATION: A good teacher is inspiring, and knows how to keep their student inspired and eager to learn. Our teachers work with their students to develop a personal learning program that is fun and engaging.

voice lessonsOur Teachers Are Dedicated

If you decide to begin or continue your musical education with us, you can be sure that you are in great hands. Each one of our educators is university-trained and has gone through rigorous testing prior to obtaining their teaching certification. Being professional musicians, they continue their training  to ensure that their skills are at their very best. This level of dedication from our teaching staff not only ensures that every student has happy and rewarding first musical experiences, but receives a complete and well-rounded education throughout their musical journey.

Our Promise

Regardless of the path a student chooses to take, we are committed to providing high quality instruction in a fun, motivating and supportive environment. Contact us to discuss your personal goals and expectations for your music education and to schedule a trial lesson for yourself or your child!