88Keys now offers violin lessons! The violin is one of the most widely recognized musical instruments among children and adults of all ages. It is a beautiful and versatile instrument. Violinists can play solo, in a string quartet, or with a full orchestra, and have the option of playing in many different musical styles from all over the world!

 Whether you would like to follow a more formal teaching method like Suzuki or want to learn more for fun, our professional, university-trained teachers will keep you interested and motivated to learn while teaching you the technical skills you will need to become a great violinist.

The Benefits Of Taking Violin Lessons


  • Improved posture: During the violin lessons, we focus on how to sit up straight and tall. This helps to improve your posture!
  • Improved finger dexterity: The precision needed to reach certain strings and properly control the bow will help your fingers to become more flexible!
  • Better coordination and motor skills: When you’re playing the violin, you need to coordinate both your fingers and your arms to play correctly. Learning to do this increases your coordination and motor skills.


  • Improved concentration: Heightened attention and focus are needed to read and play music, so playing an instrument inherently improves your concentration and attention span.
  • Sharpened memory: Your muscle memory will improve as you become more proficient at playing violin. Memorizing the pieces that you learn to play can also sharpen your memory.
  • Greater perseverance: One of the major benefits of taking violin lessons is that it helps you learn to overcome challenges! Playing the violin well takes many hours of practice. If you stick with it, you will see that you can do anything with a little hard work!
  • Enhanced self-discipline: Devoting time to a regular practice routine and learning to care for your instrument promotes self-discipline.
  • Boosted academic skills: School-age children who take violin lessons  or  learn to play other instruments often see a boost in academic achievement. Music lessons improve focus, attention, critical thinking, problem solving, and visual pattern recognition.
  • Stronger verbal ability and reading skills: A 2011 study at McMaster University found a correlation between a child’s musical training and their word decoding skills. Violin lessons train the auditory abilities necessary for correct word pronunciation.
  • Lower stress levels: On a stressful day, playing the violin is a healthy way to let off some steam. The sound of the music itself can be calming, and playing a song you know well can provide relaxation through the familiarity of the piece.