At 88Keys, we strive to give every student an excellent musical education. We know that each student is unique and has different goals and expectations for their piano lessons. That is why we offer three different individual learning programs for piano and keyboard. Programs that we offer range from  Yamaha’s Pianoforte program, the Suzuki Piano School program, and the Royal Conservatory of Music’s. 

What Program Is Right For Me/My Child?

It’s hard to know which method of learning to follow when you’re first starting out. Let your own personal goals for your piano lessons be your guide! Each one of the private piano lesson programs we offer focuses on similar learning objectives. However, there are some differences that are important to consider before making your choice:

Yamaha Pianoforte (Ages 6+)

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Choose this method if you would like to learn many different styles of music.

The Yamaha philosophy of music education is based on the belief that all people have the potential to develop musical ability. Students are encouraged to enjoy music while learning how to play their instruments. They develop rich musical expression through playing a variety of musical styles. Students taking the piano lessons by following the Pianoforte program also receive more advanced ear training than other methods. This helps them to further develop their ear and, as a result, improve their overall musicality.

Suzuki Piano School (Ages 4+)

Choose this method if you would like to be more involved in your child’s learning experience and focus on piano performance techniques.

Also known as the mother tongue method, the Suzuki method applies the basic principles of language learning to music education. Students and parents must both be dedicated to this piano lessons program. They will both be actively engaged in the learning process. The Suzuki method asks that parents act as the teacher at home when a student is having trouble. For that reason, a parent must be present at every lesson.

The Royal Conservatory of Music (Ages 6+)

Choose this method if you would like to focus on piano playing technique, classical performance skills and expect to attend Royal Conservatory Exams.

The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) approach to heavily focused on piano performance techniques and theory.  Students learn through a sequenced system of study and individual assessment from introductory to advanced levels. Repertoire selection is classically inclined. The piano lessons with RCM method works to develop classical performance skills and playing technique.