early childhood music education

early childhood music educationEarly Childhood Music Education

Every parent wants to see their children passionate and engaged in something fruitful. Taking up music classes provides exactly that with the additional advantage of learning discipline! Although music has many benefits for people of all ages, there are additional benefits particular to the young musician!

An early childhood music education takes advantage of a time in development when children are establishing many new important neural connections in the brain to better function in the world. Music engages the entire brain, essentially giving it a total workout! For example, simultaneously playing different things with each hand engages the peripheral nervous system and strengthens fine and gross motor skills.

As music players focus both on what is being played and what comes next, the brain’s executive functions – planning and decision making – are being exercised. These executive functions are known to be stronger predictors of academic achievement than general intelligence. Finally, as we’ve all heard, playing music appears to enhance mathematics skills! An early childhood music education is not only a fun routine, it also plants the seed for self-discipline, academic achievement, and confidence!

At 88Keys, we ensure that your child’s music education goes above and beyond these cognitive advantages! Our range of programs and curriculums allows us to help any learner meet their specific musical goals. For children that are more engaged in the social setting of a group class, we have Yamaha group keyboard classes for ages 4-9 which provide a comprehensive introduction to music that is both fun and creative.

The program establishes the foundations for creative applications of musical knowledge such as composition. As a result, the Yamaha graduate is a well-rounded and expressive musician! These group classes are also an occasion for parent-child bonding as accompaniment is required in the first 2-3 years.

For those learners that prefer the individual focus of one on one instruction, we offer private music classes across 3 curriculums and 3 instruments; Yamaha’s PianoForte, Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), Suzuki method, and Piano, Violin, Guitar. Whereas the PianoForte program has similar creative applications as the Yamaha group class, RCM and Suzuki take on a more technical focus. RCM also offers widely recognized accreditation upon completion of exams, as well as one high school music credit upon completion of level 8.

For students that have been in any one of these programs (group or private) for several years, we also provide private music classes to build and finetune new skills. These include our Composition Masterclass lessons and our Jazz program, both of which are led by very experienced musician-instructors. Overall, 88Keys is the best choice for a music education that is fun and allows young musicians to carve their own musical path.

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