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    Composition Program provides fabulous opportunity for students to explore creative side of music education, teach students about creativity and self-expression. The program was  developed to teach dedicated young musicians how to use music to tell their own stories using their unique musical pieces. Students will start with learning the basics of writing a musical composition for a solo instrument. Students will expand their knowledge of  basic chords and melodic shape, as well as notation writing. As students progress through the program, they will learn about more complex harmonies, forms and musical styles. Composing for more than one instrument.


    Composition is an enrichment program that gives young musicians more focused, in-depth instruction in music composition, allowing them to develop their own musical pieces. Students will learn to compose for solo instruments, small ensemble and lyric pieces. Students will be provided with an opportunity to present their original work at Annual Junior Original Composition Concert.


    • Improvise melodies over different chord progressions
    • Harmonize melodies with different LH accompaniments
    • Ability to create and improvise melodies in different keys
    • Learning about non-classical forms
    • Learning about composing for more than 1 instrument – band, chamber, choir…
    • The program is suitable for students that have achieved RCM Grade 3 (or equivalent) and higher