If a composer could say what he had to say in words,

he would not bother trying to say it in music. 

Gustav Mahler


Composition Master Class Program provides fabulous opportunity for students to explore creative side of music education, teach students about creativity and self-expression. Music is a language unlike any other. It allows us to rise above the differences between us and speak straight to the heart. Learning how to write in that language is a special privilege, but we believe that anyone with the passion for music is able! That is why we developed our Composition Master Class program – to teach dedicated young musicians how to use music to tell their own stories using their unique musical pieces.


88Keys’ Composition Master Class is an enrichment program that gives young musicians more focused, in-depth instruction in music composition, allowing them to develop their own musical pieces. Class topics include:

  • composition theory
  • composition tools
  • differences in musical styles
  • homophonic and polyphonic styles
  • and much more!


  • One-on-one bi-weekly lesson focused on work-in-progress composition
  • Monthly group classes focused on composition theory, tips and tools
  • Students will learn to compose music for soundtrack, ensembles and write music to a poem
  • Students will be given opportunity to present their original composition at Junior Original Concert, 88Keys outreach program concerts, and community music festivals.
  • The program is suitable for graduates of JMC4/ YMC3 program or students who has completed RCM Level 3 or equivalent.

Have questions?  

Contact us at 905.881.2893 or info@88keys.ca!