No one in the world owns a more unique instrument than their voice. Not one person’s voice is the same as another. Every voice is as beautiful as the next! Our Choir Program (for ages 7 and up) brings together community’s unique and beautiful voices. This program runs weekly on Saturday afternoons from September through until June. The Choir is open to every child who loves to sing!


Students joining our choir program – lead by current Yamaha instructor and professional vocalist – will learn how to:

  • Use their voices in a healthy manner: Like any other instrument, your voice needs care and attention. You will learn how to make sure that it stays in great shape. Our Choir program will teach you how to care for your voice and sing without harming your vocal chords.
  • Sing in pitch: Learning proper technique helps to exercise your voice. It teacher how to expand your vocal range, and make it easier to hit those notes that you felt like you couldn’t before!
  • Use proper singing technique: Using proper breathing technique and enunciating words are important for strengthening your voice and enhancing your performance skills.
  • Sing with other students in a choir: Learning how to sing with others allows you to gain musical experience and train your ear in a way that you would not be able to do in an individual setting. Learning with the support of peers also helps to build confidence!

Individual lesson options are also available. CLICK HERE to learn more!


  • Weekly 60min classes on Saturday at 3:45pm.
  • Classes focus on teaching proper singing technique, including but not limited to: vocal warm ups, technical exercises (eg. scales, interval singing, chord singing, sequences…), and repertoire singing.
  • Students will explore many different music styles, including classical, easy jazz, pop, and more!
  • Children’s choir will be given many opportunities to perform, with options including school-wide events, 88Keys outreach program concerts, and community music festivals.