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We founded 88 Keys Music Discovery Center in 2001, focusing initially on early childhood education and providing each of our students with exceptional music lessons. We created a community where parents and their young children could receive specialized music lessons that could continue as their children grew. As one of the first Early Childhood Music Education Centers in the York Region, we quickly became an industry leader, setting high standards for early childhood education through music lessons like those in our popular Kindermusik programs.  

Since we opened back in 2001, we have expanded to include engaging research-based programs for all ages. We aim to provide the same exceptional learning experiences to every student, from ages 4 to 104! 


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Find Your Perfect Fit!

We believe that everyone can enjoy music lessons and learn to play music, regardless of age or ability. But we also know that not everyone is the same! That’s why we do things a little differently at 88 Keys.  

Whether you are looking for music lessons for your child or yourself, private or group classes, or a more formal or informal approach to learning, we have something for you! 


What We Offer

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