January 7th – All classes resume!
January 27th – PARENT WORKSHOP: Yamaha Music Education System
January 28 – Kindermusik begins!
88Keys will be closed from Friday, December 23rd to Friday, January 6th for the holidays. All classes will resume on Saturday, January 7th. Happy holidays!
This is a quick reminder to all parents/guardians of individual and composition students that there will be NO monthly group classes in January. Our monthly group class schedule will resume in February. Thank you!

Subscription-Based Kindermusik Model

In 2017, we will be bringing you the same great Kindermusik programs you know… but better!
We will be rolling out a brand new subscription-based Kindermusik model. What does this mean for you and our other Kindermusik friends?
  • Greater flexibility to decide how long you want to stay enrolled in the program!
  • There is no need to re-enroll! Our convenient subscription-based model ensures that your class space will always be available for you.
  • Flexible, no-hassle withdrawl policy! Let us know by the 20th of each month and we will cancel your subscription before the next unit begins.
  • No cancellation fees!
  • Themed units will change monthly, keeping classes fun and fresh!
  • Students will receive new home materials each month!
  • 44 weeks of unlimited fun per calendar year!
SPECIAL BONUS – Students joining us for our new subscription model will receive $10 off of their subscription fee for the first 12 months!
REGULAR TUITION – $120/month
We will begin our new subscription-based model on Saturday, January 28th!
Kindermusik friends planning to continue classes after this session finishes are welcome to contact us at any time for more information and to set up their monthly subscription.

PARENT WORKSHOP – The Yamaha Music Education System

Lead by Dmitriy Varelas (Mr. D), Senior Division Director at 88Keys
Friday, January 27th at 6:30pm
TOPICS INCLUDE: The philosophy of the Yamaha Music Education System; the difference between JMC and YMC; program progression.
Stay Tuned – More information coming soon!

Composition Master Class – Semester Two

Semester two of the Composition Master Class program begins during the first week of February! This enrichment course gives students in JMC4/YMC3 and up an opportunity for more in-depth instruction in composition. Class topics include composition theory, composition tools, differences in musical styles, homophonic and polyphonic styles, and much more! Included are:
• Eight (8) bi-weekly private lessons will allow students one-on-one time with a teacher to work on their own original compositions.
• Four (4) monthly group lessons will give students the opportunity to share their compositions in progress and receive constructive feedback from the group class teacher and classmates.
• Participating students may also have the opportunity to have their original compositions submitted for consideration in the national and international Junior Original Composition concerts.
Students interested in participating are welcome to contact the front desk at any time for more information!